TPE Realistic Sex Doll Lyla – 148cm Big Breast (Free Sex Swing + Lingerie)

$750.00/ Piece

Shipping Charge : $250.00

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Lyla is a beautiful TPE super realistic life like sex doll made up of authentic TPE material to provide vaginal, anal and oral sex. Discreet Shipping!!

TPE Realistic sex doll – Lyla (Big Breast)– 148cm / 58.2 inch /4.85 feet

Lyla is the most breathtakingly beautiful TPE Realistic sex doll from our manufacturing breakthrough to give maximum pleasure at low cost using thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) that are free of phthalates and latex proteins which make it ideal to have safe oral, vaginal and anal sex. Lyla is a TPE realistic sex doll, a solid one, molded over a well-articulated skeleton system, lightweight than your real partner but she will never deny you anytime nor demand anything for your attention.

At first sight, she is amazing to look at! Our sculptors have carved her perfect feminine figure so meticulously that she will be the envy of all your friends and you need to keep a watch on her. She will have them spellbound by her Hot & Sexy look!! Her sweet, classic face adds to her loving demeanor and will not let you stay away for long. It is difficult to sanitise Lyla so sharing her among partners will not be possible without the use of condoms.
She is super realistic, life like sex doll , very flexible at the joints just like humans, so you may wonder she is real ? She is strong enough to hold your weight for long up to 300 pounds and can easily be maneuvered to fulfill every wild desire with utmost comfort and ease. Her breasts are made softer just like that of a young lady whereas the abdomen feels tougher like it would in a perfectly toned body. So when you are getting cozy with your Lyla, the feeling you experience is similar to real-time experience. If you have recently been through a breakup, and want some relaxation, what to do? Well, Lyla, a super-realistic doll can never say no, she is warm enough to comfort your nerves and give you company in your lonely nights.

Did you imagine doing all those kamasutra positions that you see or read about in the adult magazines? Well, no need to wait anymore, you can enact every art of making love or even wilder ones without hurting yourself or your partner at any hour of the day with her full consent and support. All the features of this beautiful dame is like a full grown lady, every detail from her perky breast to curvaceous waist is accurate and impressive.

You may be wondering, why then is she so affordable compared to other online sellers, the reason being, that we make it possible because we ship directly from the manufacturing unit and there are no re-sellers.

TPE Realistic Sex Doll Lyla – 148cm / 58.2 inch /4.85 feet

  • Sex: Vaginal, Anal, Oral
  • Colour Option: Flesh/White/Tan
  • Eye Option : Brown, Blue, Green
  • Breast size: 85.5cm /33.67inch / C cup
  • Bust: 75cm /29.5 inch
  • Height: 148cm /58.2 inch /4.85 feet
  • Weight: 26kg / 57.3lb
  • Shoulder: 32cm /12.6inch
  • Waist: 51cm / 20inch
  • Hips: 74cm /29inch
  • vagina depth:18cm /7inch
  • anal depth:17cm/6.6inch
  • oral depth:13cm/5.1inch
  • Skin material : TPE
  • Inside : silicone with metal skeleton
    • Packing Size:150*45*34cm / 59*17.7*13.3inch
    • Package: Sex doll, Wig, One suit (Heating Rod optional)




Fully Customizable TPE realistic sex doll

You can customize your TPE realistic sex doll by choosing her skin color, eyes, wigs, nipple colour, clitoris colour, removable or fixed vagina, sound and heat technology etc . Our support team will touch base with you to find your preference in order to design Lyla as your true paramour.

Shipping, Delivery time and Tracking

Once payment has been confirmed, your item will be shipped within 1-3 workdays.

EMS/DHL/FEDEX/UPS are mode of shipping used by us and DHL is our preferred shipping company. Couple of days after shipment you can as well track your order with tracking id provided by us.

Usually, It takes about 7-10 days reach you by DHL. Some countries may take a little longer. Please be patient for the delivery as we would do our best to get it to you smooth and fast.

Custom Tax

The buyer is responsible for any tax and/or duty charged by their country.


Due to health risks associated with a used product, there are no returns or refunds, therefore all sales are final. Refunds, if any in special cases would be 50% of the product cost less shipping charges. Please note that the pictures in the website are for illustration purpose only.


Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you are satisfied with the items you ordered, please leave positive feedback. If you are not satisfied with the items you ordered, please contact us and tell us what do you think. We will try to take care for it.


There are quite a few strong reasons to buy a sex doll and here are few of them.

-Easy sex with a beautiful girl anytime, anywhere
-No condoms ever needed, but can be used.
-No STDs
-No fear of pregnancy
-Your sex doll won’t ask anything from you
-Helps improve sexual stamina
-More ever she can be dressed up and used as model for photography.
-Can be used to spice your sexual life with your partner


Our TPE sex dolls are made up of authehtic TPE material, that you may wonder; is she a realistic sex doll or more of a compassionate lover who never says NO. You can twist the arms and legs to any position keeping in mind the end goal which is to have extreme delight. You are likewise ready to dress them in whatever style or design you covet. Your delightful angel is life measured and flawlessly proportioned so she will look stunningly hot in any sensuous dress or outfit you pick.


Taking care of your real sex dolls to get the maximum benefits from her is easy.

  • Simply wash her off with water and mild soap, however, please do not take her for hot water baths.
  • She cannot be sanitised, hence, condoms should be used while sharing her.
  • She needs adequate powder from time to time. Air dry her completely before storing at a secure place.
  • She only prefers light clothes, not tight ones that can tear her soft skin.
  • Water-based lube works best with her TPE composition.


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