Can I use makeup or perfume on my sex doll?

Our artists have not only picked right combinations of quality silicone to make the ultra-flesh , feel even more realistic and perfect skeletal structure for anatomically correct positioning but also worked on their killer looks. Our love dolls already possess the avant-garde look, however, you are free to experiment with cosmetics that are water based and will not affect her sensitive skin. Oil based cosmetics have chemicals that may harm the texture, so be careful! You can use your favourite perfumes to enhance your experience, they will linger around for days. Most sprays contain ethyl alcohol which may curdle their already soft skin, therefore non- alcoholic perfumes are recommended for your lady. Please avoid using hot irons or sharp tools like razors on her. Pamper her like a true girlfriend deserves!

Will my doll look exactly like the ones on your website?

While the pictures on our website are for illustrational purposes only, they do reflect their individual beauty and body structure. variations are to be expected.

How are your sex dolls different than other sex dolls?

We are proud in creating extremely realistic love dolls “that work just like the real thing.” We care about the satisfaction of our customers so every doll is made of superior materials that are clinically tested.